I worked with Chris at Specsavers where Chris was an Agile Mentor. Chris is knowledgeable and extremely helpful in explaining the nuances of Agile implementation. Chris is very easy to work with and has good technical knowledge of Java, which he can apply to provide elegant solutions to Business challenges.” - Anne Greenhaigh, Specsavers
Chris has excellent techincal skills and equally excellent inter personal skills. He is also a diligent, open minded person given to carefully considered decisions. He is a steady hand on the tiller of any project. Highly recommended.” - Paul Campbell, Indigo Blue
I found working with Chris very rewarding. The agile implementation process is always challenging but having Chris on side made all the hurdles we came across much easier to jump. Chris has great technical skills complemented by brilliant communication and he does not hesitate in using these to facilitate issue resolution in many ways including one to one coaching of staff, meeting/workshop management covering both behavioural and technical issues.” - Jacqueline Mitchell, Indigo Blue
I had the great pleasure of working with Chris in his capacity as an Agile mentor/coach. Our team was fairly new to Agile at the time and I found Chris to be essential in communicating the Agile principles in a clear and concise manner so that all team members regardless of their position could understand them. Chris' manner ensured that no-one felt uncomfortable with the vast amount of change this shift in working demands. In addition to his coaching Chris also acted as a development mentor, watching the codebase for "bad smells". He was invaluable in this role as his excellent inter-personal skills ensured no egos were damaged while house-cleaning those poor development practises. I highly recommend Chris for any team and look forward to working with him again in the future.” - Cat Bradshaw, Specsavers
Chris has a deep understanding of both the fundamentals and techniques of Agile development, coupled with strong knowledge of what will and will not work technically. He works tirelessly to keep projects moving towards increased Agile effectiveness, and he always confronts bad practice - but without upsetting the people involved.” - Paul Boocock, News Optimus
Chris was obtained through Indigo Blue to help us implement Scrum and Test Driven Design (TDD) methodologies. We were looking for advice in installing an automated build system and training for staff using unit test driven development. Chris has provided an excellent level of service. - Stephen Tweed, Imagineer
Chris has a great knowledge of software development which makes him very effective as an agile coach. Coaching a large group of developers, he is able to use a wealth of techniques that engage and help the team help themselves. I only wish he had joined our project earlier!” - Einar Gudmundsson, Carphone Warehouse
Chris came into our project late from another part of Sky organisation and very rapidly brought a good attitude and spirit into the mix. His mentoring aptitude is without doubt, his patience and demeanour commendable. I very quickly warmed to Chris and he was keeping me honest and making his own contribution from the beginning. Chris is a step-up kinda guy who knows both how and when to listen and how and when to act. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris; it would be a pleasure to work with Chris once again someday.” - Jerome Pimmel, Grails Developer at BSkyB
Chris is a very personable developer. He's a pleasure to pair program with and I can vouch for his commitment to make agile methods work. I'd like to work with Chris again.” - Dafydd Rees, Grails Developer at BSkyB
Chris has been a pleasure to work with for the last 4 years as Professional Consultant, but also as a friend. There is no doubt Chris is at the top of his profession in the Agile sector and everybody that works with / for Chris has only but positive comments to make about him. Clients tell me that one of Chris's unique strengths is to come into a challenging environment and make sense quickly, generating a real team ethos from day one.” - Simon Voice, Connections Recruitment
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