Agile training and development for the Real World

Thirsty Bear Solutions provides a full range of agile development, training and coaching services for today’s fast-moving software world.

Our extensive experience and proven track record can help your enterprise understand and implement modern software technologies and development techniques to their full extent. By guiding your organisation in the use of agile and lean techniques we will ensure your development teams become progressively more efficient, ultimately saving you money.

No matter how far along the agile path your organisation is, we can help. We offer:

  • Advice, training and mentoring on all aspects of modern agile and lean software development processes and practices, including Scrum, Kanban and XP based process.
  • Practical help with implementing development best practices: TDD, Trunk-Based Development, Continuous Integration & Deployment etc
  • Personal coaching, and help with overall employee mental health
  • Facilitation services for all stages of the product cycle – from iteration retrospectives to end-of-project reviews
  • Project rescue packages for underperforming software projects
  • Development services using technologies including Java, Scala and others

To discuss your specific requirements or for an informal chat please get in touch.