About Us

Who are we? 

Thirsty Bear Software Limited is a consultancy, formed in 2005, owned and run by Chris Pitts, a software engineer with over 15 years experience of the software industry. When you hire us you are very likely to get his personal attention, skill and expertise and not just a junior consultant who needs the experience.

On larger projects (and possibly if Chris is not available) then you will also work with one or more pre-screened subcontractors selected from our extensive network. We only ever subcontract to consultants with a proven track record, so you will still receive the same high quality advice and help you expect.

How we work

We use an agile approach to providing services. This means that we do not simply turn up, collect the specification document, then disappear for 6 months. As a client you are considered to be a partner. And we want our partners to succeed. To ensure this we will be actively cooperating with you, often communicating on a daily or weekly basis, to provide the results you require. Even if those requirements change as they are clarified. In return all we ask is that you support what we do – allow us to interact and clarify the unknowns and uncertainty within a given project. 

Where are we?

We are based near Farnham in Surrey, UK, but can work all over the UK, and beyond. Over the years we have worked with clients as far away as Edinburgh, Leicester, Berlin (Germany) and USA.