Here are just a few of the nice things clients have said about us.

Chris has been a pleasure to work with as a Professional Consultant, but also as a friend. There is no doubt Chris is at the top of his profession in the Agile sector and everybody that works with / for Chris has only but positive comments to make about him. Clients tell me that one of Chris’s unique strengths is to come into a challenging environment and make sense quickly, generating a real team ethos from day one.

Simon Voice, Franklin Bates

“I met Chris in his role as Agile coach in Sky. His knowledge and depth of building productive software engineering teams is second to none. He has excellent mentoring and interpersonal skills. He allows teams discover the right path, without forcing it upon them. Chris has the ability to bring out the best out of people. Add to that his excellent technical skills in software engineering. You have truly a brilliant all rounder. If your agile process is suffering you need Chris, if you think your process is beyond reproach, you definitely need Chris! :-)”

Geraint Dawe, Equal Experts

“I asked Chris to come and help me get some of the more technical elements of Agile embedded into my team with a few weeks of consultancy. He was very knowledgeable, organised and I feel we all worked well together. During his time we managed to organise the team and embed some of the more challenging concepts and help me and the team think differently. Chris has always made himself available for questions and queries subsequently and I would definitely recommend him as an Agile Coach/Mentor. His knowledge and experience have been invaluable to my teams progression.”

Mat Hayes, CM2000

“Chris was brought on to the project in order to act as an ‘Agile’ mentor to our three development teams, as well as to help us up the overall quality of our output. He quickly won the respect of all concerned, which I put down to his collaborative approach, his pragmatic application of ‘Agile’ and the fact that he is also a pretty good software engineer! The latter attribute enables him to relate to the developers and gain their trust. Chris’s interpersonal skills are excellent, which mean s that he is as comfortable presenting to the board, as he is relating to a team of developers. In short, if you want to introduce ‘Agile’ or even just explore what this methodology can do for your organisation, Chris is your man!”

Robin Davis, BSkyB