How Can We Help?

We offer a whole range of services to help your organisation. Whether you are starting with agile and lean techniques, are having problems with a project, or need help with employee mental health, we have something to offer.

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Agile Coaching

We are uniquely placed to provide a broad coaching experience in agile transformation. We have a background in agile management, team leading and end to end technical software delivery practices. We can help at every level.

Personal Coaching

Ever felt the need to talking something through, but didn’t know who to talk to? Whether to change job, improve work-life balance, how to get a promotion, or even just trying to understand why you are feeling a bit “off”? That is what a professional coach does – help you to work through your own thoughts in a confidential, non-judgemental, non-advisory way.

Chris, Boss Bear here at Thirsty Bear, is a trained personal coach, and happy to help.


We have an extensive range of courses that we can run with your teams. From introductions to agile, through to technical, hands-on TDD and BDD courses. We have worked with all the technologies and processes we teach, so we know they work, and, more important, we know the real-life pitfalls to watch for.

Software Development

We provide a full software delivery service. Rooted in agile values, principles and practices, we can produce high quality software, iteratively and accurately. Having worked in industries as diverse as medical (hip replacement, eye tests), military, Government, and car manufacture, there are few domains we would not consider.