Research library

I come across an awful lot of research papers on my adventures. Find some of the most useful on various agile and remote related subjects here. Keep checking back, this is definitely a work in progress!

Remote Working


Davies, R. (2019, August 16). Sustaining remote-first teams [Video]. YouTube.

Be Seen: Turn your video on

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Slovak, P. (2007). Effect of Videoconferencing Environments on Perception of Communication. Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace1(1).

Be Heard: Keep your microphone open

Schoenenberg, K., Raake, A., & Koeppe, J. (2014). Why are you so slow? – Misattribution of transmission delay to attributes of the conversation partner at the far-end. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies72(5), 477-487.

Mullen, G. (2020, July 7). Why go on mute is shitty advice and what to do instead [Video]. YouTube.


Nagappan, N., Maximilien, E. M., Bhat, T., & Williams, L. (2008). Realizing quality improvement through test driven development: Results and experiences of four industrial teams. Empirical Software Engineering13(3), 289-302.